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Welding Machines

MIG Welding Machines

SUPRA MIG 400(T)/500(T)/630(T) are designed for the most demanding welding applications.
The cooling fan and rational wind tunnel design improves the performance. This Aluminium etc.

  • TSUPRA MIG 400(T)/500(T)/630(T) are the most powerful thyristorised MIG/ MAG welding machines
  • Wheel mounted
  • Separate Wire Feeder
  • Complete with MIG/MAG Torch & Welding accessories
  • Suitable for Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW)
  • Protection for Voltage fluctuations, Short Circuit, Single Phasing, Thermal Overload

Tig Welding Machines

SUPRA TIG 300 (I) / 400 (I) is a new generation inverter based pulsed TIG machine is very handy and compact for easy operation. Even at very low current values, the arc is well controlled and stable thus enabling excellent weld quality. The adjustable current up-slope and down-slope are distinct features of this machine.

Saw Welding Machines

This Welding Power Source is a multi-function power source with constant-voltage and constant current characteristics. In addition to submerged welding, it can also be used as a welding power source for stick welding, carbon arc air gouging, electro-slag welding and high diameter wire GMAW/FCAW.


Supra Arc Welding Machines

SUPRA Inverter arc welding machines are suitable for DC stick welding with various types of welding electrodes. It is suitable for almost all industries, such as ship-building, pressure vessels, steel, petroleum and power plants. SUPRA Inverter machines are also suitable for carbon arc gouging.

Pug Cutting Machines


  • Circle cutting : Can be cut with circle cutting attachment
  • User friendly, requires minimum operator training
  • Straight cut : 1.8 meter rail can be multiply
  • Easy to handle: Heavy Duty, Light Weight
  • Bevel cutting arrangement

Plasma Cutting Machine

SUPRA PLASMA is inverter based air plasma cutting machine with PWM technology. It is portable, light weight energy efficient suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper and other non ferrous metals.

  • Inverter based Plasma Cutting Machine with PWM technology
  • Reliable, high performance
  • Duty cycle 60 %
  • Forced Air Cooled
  • Ideal for all type of cutting
  • Lifting handle / wheel mounted,Easy to maneuver
  • Heavy duty, rugged